Dr Andrew Welsh, Registered Osteopath, Mt Eliza

Dr Andrew Welsh

OsteoPro® Clinic
(03) 9708 8866

Dr Andrew Welsh (Registered Osteopath)

BSc. (Clinical Sc) MHSc (Osteo)
Osteopathy Australia Member
​Member of Sports Medicine Australia ​

Our reception is located within the medical surgery at Ti-Tree Family Doctors

118 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza

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Experienced Osteopath

  • Olympic level experience.
  • Worked with football players - local level through to elite.
  • Understands mobility and balance issues with seniors.
  • Continues to study new assessment methods and treatment options.
  • Up-to-date knowledge and lectures for Sports Medicine Australia.
  • Provides ongoing support and encourages self-management.
  • Exclusive Australian partner for state-of-the-art Swiss and German Medical measurement device companies.
  • Travels to European conferences as a presenter in Physical Examination and measurement technology.

Expert Osteopath

Andrew has gained an expert and up-to-date knowledge and experience covering a wide range of conditions.  Andrew established his first clinic in Mt Eliza over 12 years ago.

Previously he has been Victorian Vice-President of the Australian Osteopathic Association, and has lectured overseas in soft tissue treatment techniques.

He has worked with a range of different patients from football players and Olympic athletes through to seniors.  He also completed his Master's research in the relationship between hip flexor muscle contracture, hamstring flexibility, and pelvic and lower back biomechanics.

Self-manage your treatment

Andrew encourages self management to decrease treatments and costs.

After being involved in a serious car accident, Andrew has also had to go through extensive rehabilitation himself, giving him an appreciation of the frustration often felt by patients experiencing chronic conditions, particularly those that have experienced treatment at clinics that want you to “keep coming back”.

For this reason Andrew provides information and encouragement to patients that focuses on providing a sustainable treatment plan for each individual patient with options for self-management.

His aim is to provide functional movement and relief from pain.

Measureable spinal assessment

OsteoPro is now the exclusive Australian distribution partner for Mobee Med, Mobee Fit and Spinal Mouse®.

These devices are tools for mobility, joint and spinal assessment. ​They assist with:

  • Identifying the degree of postural and mobility imbalances.​
  • Demonstrating and record improvements in mobility
  • Assessing specific mobility issues for sports
  • Showing you, through live animation, the course of motion so you can understand and see the limitation
  • Re-measuring your examination accurately and easily so you can visually see the difference in your results

Sports Trainer Courses

Andrew presents Sports Trainer courses in conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia  and also maintains his own knowledge through continuing professional development.

Andrew presents courses for Sports Medicine Australia and enjoys training allied health clinicians, sports clubs, and the general public wishing to gain up-to-date knowledge regarding injury prevention.

Andrew has acquired additional training in the field of dry needling to assist with pain relief and muscle function.

Andrew also has interests in biomechanics & mobility assessment, Rocktape kinesiology taping and mobility, DMA Clinical Pilates and Real-Time Ultrasound.

What is an Osteopath?

Osteopaths in Australia complete 5 years of university training.

They are registered as primary healthcare practitioners and are trained to recognise various conditions in all areas of the body and not just musculo-skeletal injuries.

Osteopaths are trained to recognise conditions that may require referral to a specialist.

Osteopathy is one of the oldest manual therapy professions.

Osteopathy is now practised widely in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

What makes Osteopathy effective?

Holistic approach - Structure & function are interrelated

As Osteopaths we are very aware of the link that exists between the structure of the human body and the way it functions. Our expertise covers the entire musculo-skeletal system, and all the major organs that rely upon it.

Osteopathy has proven to be a safe and gentle form of therapy, which is highly effective in relieving and treating functional health problems.

No matter your age, we are able to treat all members of the community from young children to the elderly, and everything in between.

While we are very experienced at dealing with sports injuries, many of our patients come to us with day-to-day aches and pains, such as in the neck, back and shoulders.